Terms and Conditions

No Hazardous Products can be shipped. Examples of such goods include batteries, toner cartridges, adhesives, aerosols, alcoholic beverages, tobacco or tobacco products, guns of any kind, gas cylinders, flammable goods, paint, infectious substances or drugs (including prescription drugs/medicine), dangerous goods or any other hazardous materials of any kind.

ThePostalStore offers limited insurance up to €50 per item. ThePostalStore acts as an agent for other carriers and no responsibility is taken by ThePostalStore for any damage caused whilst in carriage by another provider. Some items can be delivered at your own risk such as alloy wheels, amber, antiques, artwork, bathroom suites, beeswax figures, bicycle, bottle, bulbs, cameras, car body work of all kinds, car bonnet, car bumpers, car parts, ceramics, chandeliers, china, clocks, computer monitors, concrete, crystal, delicate items, detergent, diamonds, dinner service items, documents, doors, figurines, fireplace, fish, fishing rod, fish tank, flowers, food stuff, furniture, gems or gemstones, glass, glassware, gold, guitars, hamper, headlights, mobile phones and tablets, jewelry, Lladro figures or other figurines, lamp, LCD, televisions, lighting, marble, medicines, mirrors, monitors, musical instruments, oil, overhead projectors, paintings, porcelain pottery, records, resin, scanner, server, stove, tea set, telescope, tender documents, tickets, tiles, torch, vases, vinyl, vouchers, watch, window, window frames

I accept that all items were packaged with no loose ends or protruding edges and to an acceptable standard. I accept the terms and conditions of carriage as outlined above.